Voices of Innocence

Voices of Innocence

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Mission Statement

Voices of Innocence is an advocacy movement working to expose and prevent the wrongful incarceration of innocent men and women. Throughout the country we have a system failure. Innocent people are being unjustly incarcerated, and those responsible for the miscarriage of justice are not held accountable. Voices of Innocence intends to expose the flawed criminal justice system and corrupt prosecutors, attorneys and DA's who abuse the very laws they are responsible for upholding. This is not just an unfortunate pattern within the justice system, but a DESIGN.By implementing accountability standards, we will have more assurance that innocent people will not be victimized for crimes they did not commit.  Through our network of exonerees, we share our stories and inform the world, that far too often, innocent people are wrongfully convicted of crimes because of arrogance, abuse of power and fundamental disregard for justice. 

* Advocates against the death penalty

* Attorney client relationships

* Accountability and responsibility workshops

* Consultation on re-entry, prosecutorial accountability

* Innocence investigations

* Educational speaking engagements


Voices of Innocence: RAE's Nationally-Acclaimed Speaking Production


Voices of Innocence cast 2011





From left: Philip Bivens, 30 years at Mississippi State Penitentiary, Doug Dilosa, 16 years at Angola, Greg Bright, 27 years at Angola, Norris Henderson, 27 years at Angola, Calvin Duncan, 28 1/2 years at Angola, John Thompson, 18 years at Angola.
























For those whose voices have been silenced by an unjust system for decades, storytelling is a radical form of empowerment and advocacy. This is not an act or performance - these are the real voices of innocence


Voices was conceived in the fall of 2007 when performing arts teacher Lara Naughton of NOCCA Riverfront volunteered her time to conduct a series of writing workshops with four New Orleans exonerees - John Thompson, Greg Bright, Ryan Matthews and Dan Bright. Since its initial performance at NOCCA, Voices has been staged at Harvard University, Tulane University, Loyola University, University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, Point Park University, and the Arkansas Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Conference. 

An ever-evolving project, Voices shares the personal stories of wrongful incarceration and the challenges exonerees face in reintegrating into society, not only raising awareness of how often injustice is a result of a poorly funded system, but also highlighting the collateral damage upon each man’s life. These moving stories leave audiences inspired to take action against the causes of wrongful conviction.


"The Voices of Innocence production is a stunning acheivement."

Tulane National Lawyers Guild


"In seventeen years of teaching, I have never seen such a compelling event at the law school...the auditorium was packed (and we filled an overflow room), but the crowd was absolutely silent - you could hear a pin drop. Your stories were inspiring, heartbreaking, scary, and uplifting."

Andrew D. Leipold, Edwin M. Adams Professor, College of Law, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign



"Thanks for bringing us this event. This is the reason I wanted to be a lawyer, but during the first year I was distracted by everything going on in the classroom. This event has given me back the focus that I brought with me to law school."

Jennifer Brunson, Law Student, College of Law, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


 "In short, the play was inspirational."

Ahmed N. Mabruk, Vice President of Advocacy, Harvard University



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