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RAE house opened in 2008 and since then over 60 exonerated and formerly incarcerated men have lived in the living quarters. These men coming home from prison with $10 and a bus ticket and no other support. RAE connects them back to a support system and helps them transition back into society. RAE needs your help with donating some basic 'starter' items - see our amazon wishlist below and donate to a great cause.


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My Choice My Voice 2014

My Choice My Voice is proud to continue developing its programs that serve African American youth in an innovative way to turn negative choices into positive voices through education and multimedia. It’s a community problem that requires a community solution.



 My Choice My Voice 2014 will feature an exciting line up of creative events including the following

- live open mic events providing a platform for creative expression through performance

- Know Your Rights Classes

- Fieldtrips to Angola prison, federal court, city, hall and city council

- Workshops addressing profiing and community targetting

- Community interviews

- Lifeskills, sex education, and self improvement classes

- Workshops led by exonerees

- Undoing racism workshop

Contact us at 504.304.4061 to bring My Choice My Voice to your school

RAE Programming 2014

2014 welcomes a multi-pronged programming strategy at RAE House comprised of education, outreach, the arts and services. 

 educational outreach flyerEducation: In Jan 2014 law students from Oglethorpe attended our discussion group led by exonerees and community activists. Hearing first hand testimony from people who suffered injustices was an incomparably moving experience for everyone involved. Simultaneously, during this session, many students attended Albert Woodfox's hearing in the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals and were able to relay their findings back to the main group. 

RAE's educational outreach workshops have profound effects upon participants, who get a chance to contextualize miscarriages of justice by interacting with formerly incarcerated people. This can be invaluable for both students and legal professionals when they navigate decisions throughout their career.

 The Arts @ RAE HouseThe Arts: Through our arts programming RAE is reaching new audiences and informing them about the criminal justice system using creative means such as visual arts, spoken word and tv. These platforms give voice to communities that are being ripped apart by the prison system as well as broadening the conversation among the general public. In January 2014, local emerging artist, Josh Jones, painted a large scale mural in RAE House detailing the history and plight of Africans in America.

Rae hosts a popular open mic night each month for local poets and spoken word artists. This is an opportunity for the public to engage with RAE House and its services as well as being entertained by New Orleans talented performers.

 In collaboration with playwright and poet, Parnell Herbert, RAE is involved in the production of "Retaliation Is Perpetuation" (R.I. P.), which is broadcast on local tv channel {insert name}. This show addresses the cycles of violence that manifest in New Orleans. Stay tuned on our facebook page for information on the next screening.

Community Outreach: RAE continues to offer free "Know Your Rights" classes and monthly expungements to the New Orleans community.

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My Choice My Voice Radio Program

Click here to tune in to the latest radio pieces produced by MCMV participants.

radio program

My Choice My Voice 2013

This summer RAE started a new summer program for at-risk youth called MY CHOICE MY VOICE.  MCMV provides meaningful education to young black men, using guided discussion, writing, and media to empower them to share their voices, as well as to provide them with work and life skills. Approximately half our youth are somehow involved in the criminal justice system and the program welcomes both students and drop-outs.

Students participate in classes in writing, computer skills, social concerns, AV/media, graphic design, screen printing, and community gardening, as well as go on field trips and hear guest speakers. We have been blessed this summer to be joined by Queen Black Kold Madina, the No Aids Task Force, the Innocence Project, Judges Kern Reese and Laurie White, and many others who have donated their time to speak to our participants and help make our program a success.


court field trip

Help us get RAE Community Bus on the road!

All donations for our school bus gratefully accepted - we need new tyres, paint job, AC and seat coverings. This bus will be used during our Summer program, trips to Angola and for community events!




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Each year, we hear about more innocent people being released from prison in the United States.

Today, there are over 400 exonerated men and women who have been wrongly convicted and victimized by our criminal justice system.

On average, each has served more than 10 years in prison before being released. 


Resurrection After Exoneration (RAE) was founded in 2007 by exonerees to promote and sustain a network of support among formerly wrongfully incarcerated individuals in the South. RAE works to reconnect exonerees to their communities and provide access to those opportunities of which they were robbed.

RAE is an offspring of the non-profit law office, Innocence Project New Orleans (IPNO) .