We at RAE would like to extend our gratitude to a wide ranging community of artists, film-makers, photographers, playwrights and advisors who have dedicated their exceptional creative talents in support of RAE. Artistic input ensures that RAE's programs can reach new audiences, maintain visibility, and provide deep thought-provoking understanding with the public on an international level. Artistic interpretations of the struggles we face as exonerees provide an entry point for our supporters to engage - this is invaluable to RAE. Moving forward we aim to continue our long-standing relationships with the arts community and encourage anyone with creative projects proposals to contact Maria Hinds for information: mariahinds@r-a-e.org

Josh Jones Art SHow 

Josh Jones Installation "20pc Mixed & @ Biscuits"

Local artist, Josh Jones, completed a year long artist residency at RAE House as part of our Outreach program to raise awareness about wrongful conviction. Our stories are told through Josh's art, expanding our audience and providing a highly visible access point for community to engage with incarcertion issues.


"Resurrected: The Innocence Portraits" by Dan Bolick



Daniel Bolick Painter

Painter Dan Bolick documented the exonerated in the form of larger than life paintings entitled "Resurrected: The Innocence Portraits". The collection was exhibited at The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, coinciding with the first international Innocence Network Conference on wrongful conviction.

The men in Bolick’s portraits served 203 years in prison for crimes they did not commit. Bolick’s paintings humanize what would otherwise be another statistic. The collection has displayed throughout the United States since 2009, raising awareness about RAE. danielbolick.com


Portraits by Photographer Jenny Bagert


Jenny Bagert Portraits

Local photographer Jenny Bagerts striking portraits of Louisiana exonerees are on display in RAE's front gallery space attracting much attention from the public. Jenny generously donated her time and creativity in producing these treasured images that resonate deeply with the viewer in the context of exoneration. Rae is extremely grateful to Jenny and looks forward to our ongoing creative relationship with her. Check put her website here.


An additional thanks to the following members of our expanding creative community who contribute to Rae's mission.

- Maria Hinds, graphic designer who maintains our website and designs our print and presentations collateral.

- A big thanks to Photographer/Film-Maker/Event co-ordinator John Moore  who has tirelessly spent many hours at RAE documenting through photography and film, set design, light design and videographer for Voice of Innocence performances and other events at RAE house.

- Josh Jones, visual artist from New Orleans who completed our artists residency and painted murals in Rae's events hall.

- Poets Hero, Tony Wilson, King Exodus, who opened the door for many poets to perform at RAE Open Mic Night.

 - Playwright and Author Sr. Helen Prejean is an award winning writer and playwright whose bestselling book 'Dead Man Walking' was developed into an oscar winning major motion picture, and opera. She authored the play "The Convicted" and consults with RAE not only as a creative playwright, but as an internationally acclaimed and awarded advocate for human rights and advises on policy and programming within the organization and how we integrate with the courts in provision of alternative sentencing for juveniles.