Resurrection After Exoneration is a Non-profit organization dedicated to the rehabilitation of Exonerees after incarceration.


Our Vision

RAE is ambitious; we are a new organization with high goals. We are approaching the challenges of life after exoneration with a comprehensive plan for reentry and renewal.

First; we will provide direct services and opportunities to exonerees to re-establish ourselves as functioning members of our communities. Second, we will facilitate opportunities for exonerees to deal with the physical, psychological and emotional effects of life in prison. Third; we will create a sustainable business that will provide job training to exonerees and other formerly incarcerated, ensuring the longevity of RAE. Fourth; we will use our voices to educate and inform the public about wrongful convictions. Fifth; we will use our experiences for good; we will serve as mentors to future generations and ensure that their voices are heard, just as ours were silenced.


Our Mission

RAE will promote reform-minded leadership among those who have been imprisoned by assisting them during their transition process to ensure a successful reentry, and by empowering exonerees to confront and reform the system that victimized them.